The rules ♥


1. Never date with your classmate (it has happened to me at the high school), trust me, guys in that age are really stupid, so when you breake up, it's not gonna be so easy to see him every day. (Especially because he's young idiot)

2. Don't date with your coworker (it hasn't happened to me yet, because I work with ladies or gays) but it gives sense right!?

3. Don't date your professor (when you break up it`s real damn shit, he's gonna pay you more attention in class, than you'd love to, and you're gonna wish to become invisible)

4. Don't date older man (even you really love him), he's not gonna take you seriously,in his eyes you'll be that "little girl" he has to take care of or in worst he'll see you as the "gold-digger" (trust me when I'm telling you this fact, it's gonna be you, who'll get hurt soon)

5. Don't have a sex with him too early or have it whenever you want, because sometimes it's the only way, how to make him want you (I'm not sure about this one, so just take the part which sounds good to you, and forget the rest)

6. Don't feel safe when he starts telling you some private stuffs like about his kids, ex gf or whatever (it doesn't mean that, he think it serious with you! He's just comfy with you, that's all) -> Soo pity but it's true.

7. Don't trust him, when he tells you shits like "you're the best" or "you're better than.." (blah,blah,blah!) How many girls he told the same? (today?)

8. Don't date someone just because you're lonely (it's the biggest shit, you could do to yourself) don't waste your time with a wrong guy, it's gonna be hard to leave when the right one already shows up, or worst, you'll be so busy so you may miss him)

9. Be you, always! (don't let him change you the way, you're not comfortable about)

xxx Lucija ♥

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