♥Mothers Day, unconditional love               


Love, it's just a word, 4 letters but it has an infinite importance all over the world and for each of us. Everybody want's to be loved, and feel the love from the other side. But how can we expect pure love, if we're not loving ourselves unconditionaly? Have you ever felt something as liberating as an unconditional love? Without borders, without limitations & without conditions? That amazing indescribable feeling when you are loved for just existing and being who you are..? Yes, for sure you felt! Just remember that woman who gave you the world, that amazing, strong, inspiring woman, who gave you the biggest gift, your birth, that woman who has been always by your side, doesn't matter what. YOUR MOTHER ♥ And why am I talking about it now? Maybe because it's just a few days ago, we were celebrating Mothers day, or also just maybe I want to remind you that, you are never alone wherever you are, because you are always loved by your mom even you may feel like nobody does. But let's make an step back, I also said that, we can't wait for big love from the significant one, if we are not loving ourselves first! This is the key to our happiness & it's simple as a ... breathing :) Remember that, you are the most important person of your life so you should treat yourself well, because when everybody is gone, it's just you & always you who you gonna spend the rest of your life with. ♥

So enjoy every single moment with people you love & don't forget to always love yourself first, because you live just once. This post was made from my heart, for the most important person of my life, my amazing, empowering & beloved mum.  (well the most important person of my life is me but.. :))) I love you so much & I'm thankfull for having mummy just like you.

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