Making an effort to forget ♥


Few weeks ago, my mum came to me with P. Franckh's book How to wish and asks "Did you read this book till the end?" "Yes I finished it weeks ago you know that." (I answered) "So you remember about that part where he's saying that you can't wish that someone specific is gonna love you right?."

I do still remember this last man I met. I clearly remember about our first date, I wasn't really interest to go, but I went. It wasn't bad as I expected (hahaha), actually I found it interesting its way. When he has invited me again, I told myslef "It wasn't too bad right!" so I went. (hell yeah)

Then I started liking him (hell no), but I still wasn't really into him. After few more dates I catch myself having feelings for him. (Why is this happening to me again?) So when I accepted what do I feel, his alarm catched my vibes and he turned into his shell like a turtle. (And this is what always happen to me, when I catch the feelings. Bad,bad feelings!)

Really!? I asked him what's wrong, (he said) "Nothing just busy." These words are still killing me like a knife in my back and this wound is not healed yet. So I tried my best to forget about him. (and guess what) It works until he text. (Why they always do that!?) So it starts again.

We met few times and then he said some shits as mans do.. So why did he did it to me again? He was really interest into me from the begining but then, for no reason (or maybe because I got that stupid feelings for him) he changed his mind. 

It's already few month from the last time we saw each other. In the law of attraction you know that if you're thinking a lot about something or someone you get it into your life (so we saw each otheragain), and me, that naive freak thought "maybe?", hell of course no you crazy B* said the Universe..)


Can't believe I'm still desperate... "God why can't I forget about him!?" Well maybe because of the fact mans doesn't have a balls to tell the real reason they changes their minds so we have to still rethink about it. (Because everyone want's to know the truth right!?)

I do always connect people back into my life (if I think a lot about them) but I'm not saying then, it finally works between us, by connect I mean that I do meet them again (like by accident), somewhere I'd never expected I could meet them there anyway. Even though I do live by the quote my beloved aunt told me before she died.

Doesn't matter what, but if it's meant to be it'll always find it's way.

She also said that you can be separated from your beloved one for a weeks, months or years but if he's (or she) meant to be with you, he'll find his way back to your life. (And this always cheers me up)

So if you wanna have a long lasting relationship, build one with yourself, because you're (for sure) the one and only person you'll spend the rest of your lif with. And...

If you don't love yourself then who will do it sweetie? M.M.

xxx Lucija ♥