Growing into the person I want to be ♥


Every year I'm asking myself "How it feels to be one year older?" (again) Not sure how about you, but I don't see any difference. (I mean visible difference, but I'm more mature for sure) I'm one year older and still not where I want to be... (Blah) Honestly, I'm getting sick of my B-Day's and especially because of the fact in my 24 I wanted to be real me. (Better person? ) I'm still not the best possible version of me. (But that's norml right!? I mean we should keep doing our best because when we stop, that's mean we're dead ..)

 I'm trying my best, I feel I'll reach all the successes and my dream life soon, but I'm realist so I know it still needs more time. The good thing is that I don't give up! (Never) I believe that, good things happens when it's their time & everything will happen when it has to be. So let's move that ass (YOU 24 lazy B*).

In that age I thought I'll be already living on my own or maybe with my Mr. Big.. But the (sad) true is I'm still single and broke. :-D Actually it's not so bad, but it could get better right!? (It'll I'm sure about it!) When you're young, but you want to buy you an Marc Jacobs handbag (and I do have 2 already:-D) you have to make some things your priorities and the other forget for "while".

All my besties and ex classmates are: in relationships, engaged, having or expecting baby or getting married & I can't even find a guy to date or to even start thinking about the future with. (When I do, they suck it up for non reason and I'm tired of them) Since I moved to the "big city" I got really bad luck with them. And you're right, I feel lonely sometimes but I'm not that girl who will date someone just for being in relationship. To be honest I'm happy right now about the fact it's only me and my cat. (Can't imagine to live with someone again)

Life is too short for sticking with shit guys and drinking bad coffee. (Right!?)

By this time I also already wanted to be well known for what am I doing and being really good one into it. The "millennial kids" biggest problem is that we want everything and we want it NOW! So sometimes I get caught myself with light depressions. (No so often, thanks God for glass of red wine!yay) I diagnosed me with Relative deprivation (it happens when you start comparing yourself with successful people who already have life standards as you want to.) I should really stop studying psychology I guess... 

My parents are asking me what am I gonna do with my life, "well I don't know you have to ask someone else". (By this I mean the Universe, I'm not medium or am I? If yes, whats lottery numbers for next week!?)  And there's that baby theme for sure too. "So what about baby Lucija? You have been thinking about already right?" Well, even if I really love kids and year ago I already wanted to have one, for now, I'm happy enough with the little one of my friend because now, all I want (the most) is to make my career grown. (And that's fine right!?) So maybe next year..? (But we never knows) 

We all wanna live the fancy life we can see on Instagram, and we're jealous about it because on IG it seems to be sooo perfect and easy but it's not. How many "fancy girls" are having plastics (they're not that perfect) and an suggar daddy behind it all!? Plenty, pooor girls... So if you're just a normal girl which wants to go for example to the Fashion week (as I do), at fist you have to know the right people and don't hesistate to ask. 

"Hi, I just wonder if your fashion show invitation is still available?"  (Even if they invited you months ago you have to remind them, always!) or

"Are you still planing to go that private event we have been talking about? It would be really nice to have an late birthday drink there."

We don't like to talk about it but it's just like this! This is how it works in fashion world etc. 

You must socialize everywhere!

I wentan event years ago, I spoke there with one TV moderator (I felt stupid to start talking with him but we were by the same table so..) and he told me: " In this world all you need is to come to the right people and sell yourself. You may feel bad for while about coming to them, but if you don't try you will never get it!" 

Learn to ask for what you want.

So I do! Head up! Everything is coming together. Growing isn't easy, but the "final product" is alway so good. 

xxx Lucija ♥