Greetings from Barcelona❤


Time flies so fast when you're keeping yourself busy...
And this is what exactly has happend to me.

It's already 2 weeks since I came here. God can't believe it! As you probably know from my last post I left my old life in Czech and moved back to my beloved Spain. And well it wasn't so easy for me because it's such a big step. But now I'm here and almost happy. (You can be always happy of course, and I'm trying my best to be, but well I'm alone in different country, away from my beloved ones, so like that...)

And honestly, I can't still belive  I'm back. ❤

I'm living in small city (like 15mins) from Barcelona and well... It's just a small city and not really much chances to do something here. Since I moved there I havn't feel like I'm really in Spain. For me it's all about the right "vibes".

But this Saturday I finally went for Barcelona and God yeah.. I finally got " that feeling"! I'm back in the city where my heart " belongs" . 

Because in Barcelona I feel really in peace and happy for being myself.

When I was walking across Plaza Catalunya I was almost crying. (yeah that sensitive I'm). I was looking around the place I already know and I was so happy to be back! All the good memories shown up.

I promise I'm gonna tell you more about my life here soon! 

❤ Lucija

    @ nobodyslisten