Goodbye Prague ♥


When you close one door, another one are about going to open... 

Life is about the changes, and we should make changes until we find ourselves really happy. We live just once so it's up to us. I've been thinking for really long time, to make this change again, leave everything behind and move back to Spain where I got a feeling "My heart belongs to Barcelona".  
But as a years are coming, I haven't felt really confident to make this happen again. But there's one quote which push me to make this big step again. To be honest I'm really affraid of this change because I'm not sure what's waiting for me there, I just know, I'm gonna be happy again and that's all. And we can never know right!?
I've decided to say goodbye to my current life, my job, the place I lived.. Now it's less than one week until my trip. I'm saying goodbye to this lovely city, Prague, I'm gonna miss you! You have changed me a lot.. I know this is not gonna be forever, maybe just for 2 months, but who knows? I haven't bought my return ticket so I decided to let "the Universe" show me the right direction...

"What's meant to be, will always find it's way"

There are some pictures below, from places I've explored with my friend, and I'm pretty sure, you may like them.

                                                     ( )

                                                (& the 1st picture is from )

I know I've been talking about that quote which made me make the movement, I decided kept it for the end so...

"If you're not happy move, you're not a tree"

♥ Lucija