Exams season, fight for survival


Hi dear readers, I know, this is not very interesting topic but I'm sure, most of you is going through same. I've been thinking a lot, what my next post should be about, well but l I feel like I can't concentrate on anything else than my exams right now. So here we go. Yay! I'm pretty sure you know that feeling when you are kinda trying hard, but it still looks like you don't know anything and that's annoying. And what about the weather, it's almost summer outside so it's not such interesting to spend your time by prepearing for yours exams but well, the bright side of all this rush is knowing, in a while, it's gonna be over and we can do ours litterally nothing as before and this is motivating isn't it? ( :-D) So take a deep breath and calm down, we can (& hope we'll survive ♥ ). 

For me another important thing, after finding something positive about it, is to always enjoy your life.


So don't stress to much, it's not helpfull & it's killing your hapiness. So don't stop avoiding things that make you happy. Make a while to meet your friends and don't forget to treat yourself well, now you deserv it the most! 

I trully wish to the all of us good luck for ours exams & looking forward to hearing from you soon!

& don't forget: "What's meant to be, will always find it's way! " (♥ my mantra ♥)

xxx ♥Lucija


                                                       (Prague, Vítkov)