Changes are everywhere ♥


As the title suggests this article will be about changes. Big changes have not only occurred in my personal life but also in the world of high fashion. So lets start with the biggest fashion changes you may heard about in last days...

The falling brand Michael Kors is about to buy Jimmy Choo and from my own opinion I don't think it's such a good idea. MK is falling brand, caused by mass production, availibility and fakes, what laso matter is the fact that almost everybody has an MK handbag, and products are still similar with big MK tag so who want's to have something like verybody else? I don't... Did you know that their factory is in Chaina? But let's get back to the Jimmy Choo brand. British treasure is about to be bought by MK so I'm worried about what's coming next? Are we gonna see new shoes and clutches with massive JCH tag on top? Oh no please!

Another famous brand is making changes and it's name si Armani. This gigant decided to cut some of his brands and kept only 3 : Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani & Armani Exchange. It's rumored by due to declining sales. But this change sounds to be clever, less brands higher quality right!? 

I know that if you are a real fashionst you probably heard this late news but I wanted to share it from my own opinion.

And now, let's get back to me. (Hahha) 

I moved to Barcelona few weeks ago and guess what!? I'm already back home.. And why? Because I had really good luck and ended up in alert with an accident. So this is the point of today's article. The Universe decided to bring me back home. I'm already doing well (thanks for asking) and I'm really looking forward for the good things which are about to come because of this "accident". Doesn't matter what I'll be always positive! 
& Never forget about the fact: 

Everything happen for some reason.

But it was really nice to see you again Barcelona!

xxx Lucija ♥